About the brand


Primó Couture is an independent brand characterized by individualism, creativity and elegant aesthetics. Inspired by European tradition and craftsmanship, the ultimate goal of every product is to be a complete and unique experience.

This principle applies to every aspect of the company. From the appearance of the brand, the products themselves and the packaging, everything is subject to the highest requirements and quality standards. The company sees it as its primary duty to offer the customer the best product in all aspects. Particular attention is paid to the inconspicuous things. Every design element is designed with attention to detail and is subject to a long development process to ensure compliance with the company ideals. In order to meet these high standards, Primó Couture's clothing is made exclusively in Italy, with Italian craftsmanship and many years of knowledge of the art of couture.

Just like the high demands placed on the quality and design of every product, it has been an integral part of the company's principle since the beginning not only to use sustainable materials for the production of products, but also to take targeted action against global environmental pollution and climate change.

environmental Protection

1. “The Future Starts Now.”

In order to counteract the ever-increasing global environmental pollution and its own CO2 emissions, Primó Couture has launched the program “The Future Starts Now”. The company is dealing with current problems that...
caused by environmental pollution and develops solutions as to how the company can counteract this. One of these
Approaches to solutions is the company's promise of a fixed percentage
from the sale of each product for global reforestation
to use. This is how Primó Couture plans to work with the company “Treedom” in the future
to work together to plant trees in continents such as Africa and Asia.

2. Eco-friendly resource strategy (EFRS)

In a world where pollution is commonplace, Primó Couture consciously chooses to go the extra step and use recycled, reusable and eco-friendly materials for its products. In order to ensure high standards of origin and quality of materials, Primó Couture only works with companies that meet the company's high requirements.